Our highly qualified team is dedicated to fulfilling client requests with professionalism, integrity, and respect.


We are committed to providing our clients with top-notch services that satisfy their medical transportation needs in every way. Our highly qualified team is dedicated to fulfilling client requests with professionalism, integrity, and respect.


We offer Medical Logistics Services to the following:

Wheelchair and ambulatory passengers

Hospital discharges

Long Distance Trips

Doctor appointments

Medical Treatments including radiology, dialysis

Out-patient post-surgery transports

Rehabilitation facilities

Community service and adult day care centres

Physical therapy

On-going assisted transport needs

Door to Door Service

The ambulances carry a Paramedic, Senior Doctor and a Consultant on most missions providing a 24/7 advanced trauma care outside of hospital, who provide general anesthetics on scene and carry blood on board to administer blood transfusion on the roadside or scene.


Some of the operations include; Pre-hospital resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta (REBOA), surgical chest draining (thoracotomy), surgical and surgical nonsurgical rapid sequence induction (RSI), pelvic splinting (crucial to prevent blood loss in high impact crashes and crush injuries), advanced brain relief and sedation as well as portable brain scanner which can detect blood clots on the brain.


Any of our emergency ambulances with the team is aimed at reaching the patient at most 15 minutes, for missions involving serious road accidents, water and rail. Other missions may include road traffic collisions, falls from height, stabbings, shootings, industrial/ occupational accidents and on rail network.


The Rapid Response Cars carry staff and supplies like emergency blood supplies, allowing transfusions to be administered at the scene of an accident rather than later in hospital; a specialized refrigerator installed in the car and helicopter allows the transport of four units of universal O-negative blood type which can be stored in the aircraft for up to 72hrs. (Unused stock can be returned to the hospital).


After admission, we aim to manage customer hospital visiting programs of the patient, and remind them to prepare for a following day pick up. We help with rescheduling with the hospital where need be.


Our customer service representatives are available 24/7 to assist you with all your concerns including 24-hour reservations. It is our goal to meet, and even surpass, all your medical transportation needs in the most effective way.


We are always here to help. Interested in knowing more about our services? Don’t hesitate to call us at (+27 633587944) or send an email to info@castlehealthlogistics.co.za



Castle Health Logistics provides extra assistance for getting in and out of our vans and a safe return to your residence. We also assist in picking up your prescriptions and/or medical supplies.



We will stay in touch with your medical provider and/or your family to ensure you are picked back up in a timely manner and returned home quickly and safely.



Our drivers are highly trained to detect any unsafe situations and will alert a family member or an emergency contact.



Diamond/ Family Package, R1500

On annual premium of just R1500, This cover goes to families’ up-to a maximum of 5 people, two adults, and three children below the age of 18 for 12months. A list of private hospitals is taken from the client if insured or willing to pay. This cover gives the client privilege to choose any hospitals around the country where they prefer to have their medical attendance. Travel documents including visa documents and referral letters are all organized by Castle Health Group; however tickets and all medical expenses are catered for by the client, or his health insurance broker.

Gold/ Individual Package, R750

This is the basic cover for all members with a privilege to receive emergency and nonemergency medical support on scene or hospitalization within the country’s clinical or hospital network. An annual once off of R750 payment is levied for all Gold Memberships.


In times of emergency, Gold members with health insurance and those willing to pay, are taken to a nearby or any health facility of their choice according to their new joining member application, yet members with no insurance can be taken to any medical facility depending on urgency of medical assistance on recommendation by the Castle Health Physician Response Unit Manager, payments are however covered by Castle Health. The point is to save a member’s life.


On a single plan, the patient is able to have road ambulance, advanced trauma doctor when needed, non-emergency road ambulance, high skilled nursing services and aide nurse.


All prices are VAT inclusive



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Our Corporate Business Support Team shall call you back only during our Office hours, Mon - Fri 8:00Am - 4:45Pm. For scheduling and Emergencies, please call our Emergency Medical Dispatch Centre, or email us on scheduling@castlehealthlogistics.co.za