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Whether you need transportation for just yourself or you have a wheelchair or other devices to assist you, we will cater for your needs to get you to and from your medical provider.  We offer an excellent fleet of vans that are extremely spacious for all your mobile equipment while guaranteeing great peace of mind from our professional team of experts.


Our exceptional fleet of vehicles has allowed us to provide nothing less than superior non-emergent medical services to our highly valued clients. They are well-maintained, exceptionally-conditioned, and top-of-the-line, offering safety, comfort, and convenience all throughout the duration of our clients’ trips.

Wheelchair Van

Gurney/Stretcher Van

Ambulatory – Sedan

Free Advanced Life support Emergency Ambulances , for members only


There are various serious reasons why a patient may require professional help with transportation.

Some of the reasons are that:


  1. A patient who has a wheelchair that can get in a standard car.
  2. A patient using complex or large medical equipment like a ventilator.
  3. A patient who needs to be continuously monitored while traveling.
  4. A pregnant mother going in and out for her medication during antenatal and postnatal

The patient may need one of five main types of vehicle that we provide:

Wheelchair Van

Perfect for wheelchair-bound patients, walkers or walking stick that require an escort or aid when walking but no other medical care is needed.

Basic Life Support

Needed by patients who need more aid, like regular monitoring and administration of oxygen.

Advanced Life Support

For patients who require more intensive or serious medical assistance like EKG monitoring. They are often accompanied by an EMT, paramedic and a variety of specialized medical equipment.

Critical Care

For patients that should be administered by ventilator or pump. A paramedic who is trained in critical care is on board.


Furnished with a broader Bariatric cot so it can carry patients who weigh more than 300 pounds and need a wider stretcher.



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